Eighty20 is an analytics consultancy that uses data to guide strategy and drive business performance. We have a range of proprietary data products and consulting services that allow us to help clients across all industry verticals with any data-related problem, be it big or small.

For more information about our data products and services, see here. To learn more about our consulting services, read here.


The Eighty20 Dataportal is where data on South African Consumers lives. You can get a subscription to the portal which allows you to access the data, interpret the data, and format reports and presentations based on the data. We can, also, do all of that for you.

Eighty20 Dataportal includes a range of information on South African Consumers: LSM groups; demographics; financial characteristics; access to telecommunications; media consumption; hobbies; psychographics; etc.

If you are already a subscriber log in at the top of the homepage, if you are not already a subscriber find out more here.

NO – We DO NOT have any contact details for sale and we DO NOT give out any personal information of our clients.

Yes! Eighty20’s Xplore was created to help our clients optimise their primary research activities, leveraging our learnings garnered from years of generating insights out of data across the spectrum of consumer industries.

We can help with questionnaire design, running the fieldwork and data analysis. We have a team of nine enthusiastic fieldworkers that conduct surveys for us. You can read more about Xplore here.

We do a lot of ad hoc work and report creating. See our InsightOut store. If you want a report, send us a brief and we will charge you according to the amount of work and research that goes into your query. This is a good option if your data needs are quite basic and you just need some data. We find, however, that once you’ve seen the data, it often generates more questions and answers, and you may get to a point where it is more economical for you to have access to the full data portal.

Simply call us on 021 460-0440 and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your data options.

We can help you, but please realise our main priority is our paying clients and not your story. Your first port of call should be our Fact-a-Day archive, where there is a wealth of free stats. We also have a lot of data-rich reports, infographics and presentations, some of which are free, see our work here.

If you do need something more specific, what would help us is if you presented a focused query. Please do not ask us to give you information on ‘insights about economic trends in South Africa’ rather DO ask us, ‘How many people earn more than R40 000/month in South Africa?’ A more focused question helps give you quicker results and saves both of us time.

Crediting of Eighty20 is expected and non-negotiable.