Our Strategic Market Research Services

Eighty20 provides Strategic Research Services on consumers in South Africa and on the African continent. We work across industries – including banking, insurance, consumer credit, healthcare, telecommunications and retailing – but the focus is always the same; on the life and experience of the customer. It is precisely the breadth of work that enables us to understand the customer experience holistically, to join the dots and explore how developments in one area affect others.

Our analysis draws heavily on a wide range of data sources including internal customer and transactions data, survey data, qualitative data, credit bureau data and property market data. We use this data to size and characterise markets, assess affordability, understand potential and anticipate market needs.

If you’re looking to conduct primary research, see our Xplore Survey Research Services.

Who can benefit from strategic market research?

We work closely with clients who want to engage deeply on issues facing consumers and opportunities or challenges in the market. Our clients include strategic marketers in corporates, analysts and researchers in think tanks and non-profit entities as well as policymakers and regulators in the public sector. Some of our past and current clients include:

What strategic market research can do for your business

Our engagements combine the best available data together with deep analytical, strategic and softer skills to answer our clients’ questions. Our findings are packaged in engaging presentations delivered by project managers at client workshops or in the form of readable research reports. They go beyond the conventional, bringing to light fresh insights that enable clients to craft innovative propositions and solutions.

Thought leadership

Our passion for uncovering insights often leads us to conduct internally funded research on topical areas. Our internally funded work in consumer credit explored usage patterns and indebtedness while our work on upward mobility focused on drivers that enable the growth of the middle class and a shift out of poverty.  We do a regular survey on Loyalty in South Africa.  More recently we have created a quarterly Credit Stress Report that highlights the impact of economic forces on the behaviour of consumers, in particular, the credit behaviour of South Africans. The report contains a selection of Macro Economic indicators and Credit metrics that seeks to explain and predict the future indebtedness of South Africans.

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