Our Customer Segmentation Services

At Eighty20 we develop the full spectrum of segmentation models – from models that rely on aggregated demographic data or clustering of survey data to more complex behavioural or customer-lifetime value based segmentation models using transactions data and predictive modelling techniques.

If you’re looking for a quick overview of your target market, view our Market Segmentation Tool.

Who can benefit from customer segmentation?

Our customer segmentation models enable better engagement across the value chain – from strategic positioning to product development, marketing, sales and servicing. Our clients include CMOs, strategists, market researchers, product developers, sales, campaign and service managers. Some of our past and current clients include:

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What customer segmentation can do for your business

The type of segmentation modelling we do depends on the purpose of the segmentation model and the underlying data that is available. We work closely with our clients to understand both of these dimensions in more detail. The profile of the consulting team will depend on the nature of the engagement. The output of our work is typically summarised in engaging presentations that can be easily communicated across the organisation.