How does our Business Intelligence Online Tool work?

Analytics Out the Box (AOB) is Eighty20’s Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool that combines our online data portal engine and big data experience. It is an online system that provides access to detailed analytics from any location at any time without frustrating and complicated installations and software upgrades. The system does not require any large capital outlays, it can be maintained at low cost and does not require expensive training for users.

The solution is ideal for rapid analysis and provides answers in seconds. It includes advanced functionality that has traditionally only been provided by complicated systems. Users can design their own reports and determine propensity relationships between variables.

Who can benefit from using this tool?

Analytics Out the Box is designed to provide business intelligence (BI) insights to marketing and business executives without the IT and cost headaches of traditional BI tools. It is ideal for analysing customer behaviour and monitoring the performance of loyalty programmes, marketing campaigns and sales channels. The design of the tool is such that it can be used by anyone in the organisation, from the data analyst to the CEO.

If you’re looking for help with cleaning, deduplicating and merging your datasets, view our Data Handling Services.

What this tool can do for your business

Eighty20 will work closely with the client to determine what data is required. The rest of our process is as follows:

      • Step 1: Eighty20 works with the client to set a regular data feed of all its customer, loyalty programme, POS and product data
      • Step 2: Eighty20 manipulates the data into a customer view, adding other calculated fields if required (e.g. customer lifetime value). This data is then imported into the AOB system
      • Step 3: AOB allows the client to cross-tab, filter, trend, chart and download data quickly and easily from the online platform