Why Eighty20?

Companies have more data to use than ever before, at a volume and with a variety that is unparalleled in human history. We are in the so called “Big Data Era” and while “Big Data” is the new catch phrase, analysing large datasets is nothing new to us. For over 13 years we have been working with data, big or small, to help our clients solve some of their most pressing problems.

Aside from our intimate knowledge of survey data which we host on our online data portal we work extensively with transactions data in retailing, banking and telecoms. We also have a wealth of expertise in merging and enriching datasets with external sources such as deeds data and credit bureau data. And while we agree, the size of the datasets does matter, we never lose focus on the quality of the data. Why? Because we know that the quality of our analysis is only as good as the quality of the data we work with.

So, how do we do this?

Firstly we ask questions.

Our diverse team of actuaries, statisticians, data scientists, economists and marketers are passionate about finding the value adding insights and foresights from data. When we ask questions we don’t only ask ‘so what?’ We look at data and we ask ‘how come?’ and ‘what else?’ and ‘does this really mean what we think it means?’ We are not only interested in the right answers but also the right questions.

Secondly, we are as good at figuring out the answer as we are at asking the questions.

As an organisation we live and breathe creative and efficient problem solving and this is why our approach to people is different. Before we interview our analysts, we have them take the Eighty20 Challenge. You might like to try some of the questions yourself here. Beyond our recruitment process, we actively encourage mentoring within and across teams, share knowledge and run regular internal competitions and team events that celebrate the diversity in our office.

Thirdly, we use the best tools to solve each unique problem.

At Eighty20, we are technology agnostic. We find the best tool to solve each unique problem. We have a breadth of experience across most development and statistical tools and have also created our own set of online data products. When we don’t have the technology in-house, we partner with global experts to make sure that we offer our clients the best solution. We believe that technology should enable and not restrict, it also doesn’t have to be a major cost burden for your company.

In summary, why should you work with us?

Reason 1: We don’t just mine data. We dig it

Reason 2: Our people count (very well)

Reason 3: We offer solutions, not systems