What does our Data Handling Services involve?

Eighty20’s Data Handling Services clean, deduplicate, merge and prepare your internal customer or transactions data so that it can be analysed and mined.

Who can benefit from data handling?

Our Data Handling Services help financial managers, sales managers, marketers and anyone else who needs to create a holistic data set from various sources.

Eighty20 also offers a Business Intelligence Online Tool that helps financial managers, sales managers and marketing executives quickly analyse and report on key business metrics.

Why Eighty20?

We work with you to understand what data exists, where and in what formats it resides across your organisation. We also explore the key questions you need to answer to ensure that the data we prepare will meet your analytical needs. Once we have extracted the relevant data from across your data infrastructure, our statisticians, mathematicians and financial analysts compile and prepare the data for analysis using robust algorithms and streamlined processes. Our team is also skilled at enriching existing datasets with external data sources to add greater value and richer insights.