Our loyalty programme expertise

At Eighty20 we specialise in the design, optimisation and ongoing tracking of loyalty programmes and resultant customer behaviour. We apply actuarial modelling skills and analytical capabilities to help clients create business cases for new programmes and to review and optimise the financial impact of existing programmes. Eighty20 mines the large volumes of transactions data generated by loyalty programmes to create personalised marketing campaigns, develop predictive models of customer behaviour, enhance operational performance and provide ongoing business intelligence and advanced reporting to both programme owners and partners.

Who can benefit from Loyalty Consulting?

Our clients include CMOs, CFOs and programme managers. We assist clients that are considering a rewards programme and require a business case to be developed, clients that need to conduct an independent review of their existing programmes or clients who require on-going management, optimisation and reporting services. We have helped a number of clients in the banking, hospitality and retail sectors with their loyalty and rewards programmes. Some of our past and current clients include:


What Loyalty Consulting can do for your business

Eighty20’s consulting teams work closely with clients to deliver services across the loyalty programme lifecycle in line with our clients’ needs. Teams typically incorporate strong financial modelling and actuarial skills as well as deep analytics capabilities. Our Loyalty Consulting Services help our clients optimise customer engagement, increase customer lifetime value and develop effective personalised marketing campaigns. Our data analytics also improve product range and stock selection, inform merchandising and stock layout, and even help with geographical targeting of new stores.

Thought leadership

See our work on loyalty programmes.