For over 20 years, we have helped clients across the retail, telecommunications, hospitality and financial services sectors design, optimise and maintain award winning loyalty propositions. We leverage our unique combination of strategic, analytics, research and development capabilities to ensure that rewards programmes are both loved by customers and profitable for the business.

We also pioneered the used of actuarial and data science techniques to model, forecast and then track the customer behaviour change resulting from rewards programmes.

How we do it?

Design & Optimise

Design & Optimise

We leverage our deep industry experience, proven strategy frameworks, analytics and financial modelling capabilities to design new programmes or review and optimise existing programmes

Measure & Track

Measure & Track

We use data science to measure customer behaviour change, its impact on the business case and recommend how to improve performance. Our primary research solutions also help track customer preferences that inform proposition or partner improvements

Customer Profiling

Customer Engagement

Our ENS customer profiling tool enables us to impute demographics and thousands of other variables to each customer, helping to understand penetration into market segments, share of wallet by customer and how different customer groups are driving performance

Customer Profiling

Measure & Track

We identify and size opportunities that will improve engagement, then implement campaign management and hyper-personalisation services to execute or support interventions that generate ROIs of over 10x

When can we help?

We support our clients by providing a range of services in the loyalty space. Eighty20 mines the large volumes of transactional data generated by loyalty programmes to create personalised marketing campaigns, develop predictive models of customer behaviour, enhance operational performance and provide ongoing business intelligence and advanced reporting to both programme owners and partners.

Typically we are asked to help when a client wants to:

  1. Design a new programme, improve an existing programme, or simply perform an independent programme review
  2. Ensure that they are maximising the benefit from the programme by driving acquisition, retention and growth
  3. Use the data and insights generated by the programme and levers within the programme design to improve overall business performance
  4. Better understand their customers and develop a deeper understanding of how the programme is changing customer behaviour and creating customer entrenchment
  5. Improve their customer engagement, CRM and personalisation strategies and execution


Our Approach

Our strategy led and data driven approach to helping build a new or optimise an existing loyalty programme includes the following steps:

  1. Clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the programme
  2. Development of design alternatives and a programme evolution plan
  3. Customer sensing to help evaluate these alternatives and determine customers’ absolute and relative preferences
  4. Rigorous financial modeling and business case development to understand the breakeven requirements and likelihood of success 
  5. Unpack and agree the optimal customer experience
  6. Develop the operating model, allowing for system and capability constraints
  7. Execute, maintain and evolve

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