Understand consumer credit behaviour and trends in South Africa using the XDS-Eighty20 Credit Portal

In South Africa where so many people are credit active, understanding consumer credit markets is key to understanding the consumer. XDS and Eighty20 have partnered to deliver South Africa’s first online data tool that gives users access to aggregated data on credit active consumers in South Africa.

Drawing on data from XDS the tool is designed to help financial analysts, market researchers, economists and strategists to easily analyse and understand trends in credit usage and performance in South Africa.

Users access the data through an easy-to-use, highly functional online interface that enables them to slice and dice the data, create segments and share dashboards.

How does the XDS-Eighty20 Credit Portal work?

  • An easy-to-use web based interface that can be accessed on any device
  • Data can be displayed and manipulated online or exported to Excel
  • Slice and dice the data based on credit usage, performance, consumer demographics and products of interest

What data do I have access to?

  • Aggregated, masked* XDS Credit Bureau data on 20 million plus credit active consumers in South Africa
  • Updated quarterly to enable trending
  • Data on all credit products:
    • Mortgage loans
    • Credit cards
    • Asset finance
    • Retail accounts
    • Unsecured credit, etc.
  • Consumer metrics:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Income
    • Region
    • Employer
  • Loan metrics:
    • Monthly instalments
    • Total outstanding balances
    • Impairment and arrears status
    • Presage score
    • Amount in arrears
    • Product type

See the XDS-Eighty20 Credit Portal in action

Are you a SACRRA member?

If you are a SACRRA member you get access to a unique database which allows you to compare your own client base with other providers in the same industry. This gives you powerful competitor insights and the ability to understand market share.

For a demo of the Portal with unmasked data, view the video below.

Who is XDS?

XDS is the largest wholly South African owned and registered credit bureau. XDS is one of the major providers of business and consumer data to the South African market, offering solutions across the entire business cycle. Eighty20 has partnered with XDS to give online access to credit bureau data on the Credit Portal.