Welcome to our trust or legal centre. We strive to provide products and services that
you can trust. Getting legal and compliance right is an important part of that. We
believe that plain and understandable terms, policies or legal notices help to ensure
a common understanding and are the foundation of a mutually beneficial
relationship. People seldom read them, but they are important. In order to build trust,
we want our policies on certain important issues to be clear.

Our relationship with you

Built on trust

These legal notices describe (and apply to) the relationship between you and us. We
have drafted them with care to relate specifically to the services we provide.

  • Terms of Service relate to services that we provide to clients.
  • Privacy Policy sets out how we process your personal information.
  • Access to Information or PAIA manual to help you know how you may get access to
    Eighty20’ records.

These documents together with the relevant written estimate, quote, proposal,
engagement letter, form or invoice make up the written agreement or contract
between us. These legal notices apply to any instruction you give us as our client
and to the products and services we provide to you. When you accept our quotes or
estimates you agree to our terms. The wording is as follows – “Our terms will apply
to our services and are (i) accessible (so that they may be read, stored and
retrieved) at https://www.eighty20.co.za/trust-centre or (ii) available on request from
us. By accepting this estimate, you agree to our terms”.

We may add to or change these legal notices in a written estimate, quote, proposal,
engagement letter or invoice, even if it does not mention these legal notices. Any
change must be in writing and signed by us (or posted on our website) to be
effective. You accept the latest version of these legal notices by instructing us or
receiving products and services from us.