Our Financial Modelling Services

Eighty20 has a wealth of experience in using actuarial and financial techniques to quantify future certain and uncertain events. We help clients solve some of their toughest business problems.

Our areas of expertise in Financial Modelling and Business Services include:

  • Financial Forecasting Tools: We develop rigorous group financial reporting and forecasting tools for corporates that actively manage a number of operating entities. For example, we developed a tool for an international hotel chain to consolidate operating and financial data from all hotels that enables long-term scenario and sensitivity testing for strategic and operational decision making
  • Corporate Valuations and Forecasts: We develop bespoke financial models to determine the value of a business or a joint venture. From these models we are able to predict the long term profitability of the venture and advise management on the key risks and opportunities to creating value
  • Transaction Advisory Services: Given our expertise in financial modelling we have assisted a number of South African corporates in negotiating terms and understanding fair value in M&A activities
  • Business Case Development and Audits: We can develop or audit financial models to determine if the model is reliable, accurate, complete and consistent with its intended purpose
  • Intangible Valuations: We have experience in understanding the value (whether tangible or intangible) of specific business processes or projects. For example, we have assisted a multinational mining house determine the financial, safety and environmental value of its engineering projects. Eighty20 was also responsible for the training and rolling out of these models

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Who can benefit from financial modelling?

Typically, the CEO and CFO are our primary clients in this service area. However, we also work more widely across corporates to embed rigorous financial modelling into decision-making in general.

What financial modelling can do for your business

Eighty20’s consulting teams work closely with clients to create interactive models that can provide answers to specific questions, test scenarios and assess sensitivities to key unknowns. Our teams comprise actuaries and financial specialists. Models are typically initially developed in Excel, and where appropriate migrated onto more robust platforms that can integrate with clients’ data infrastructure.