What is Xplore?

Xplore Survey Research is Eighty20’s in-house primary research offering. It was created to help our clients optimise their primary research activities, leveraging our learnings garnered from years of generating insights out of data across the spectrum of consumer industries.

Who can benefit from using Xplore?

Xplore is for marketers, strategists and researchers who are asking questions that no one has asked before. It is for clients who want to reach their customers directly and engage with them about specific experiences, perceptions or preferences.

If you’re looking to go beyond primary research or want advice on how to use the best available data to explore your research question, view our Strategic Market Research Services.

How does it work?

We work closely with clients to generate hypotheses, frame the research questions, assess the usefulness of available data and develop research instruments to close data gaps. Research instruments include qualitative research such as in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, mystery shopping exercises as well as surveys.

Where data collection is contained to defined geographic locations we use our team of in-house enumerators, armed with smart phones and tablets, to gather the data. Our enumerators are employed full-time, trained directly by us and monitored closely to ensure the data they gather is accurate and complete. Why? Because we know that the quality of our analysis is only as good as the quality of the data we work with.