Our Data Products & Services

We know that the quality of our analysis is only as good as the quality of the data we work with, which is why we offer a range of data products and services including:

Credit Portal

Understand consumer credit behaviour and trends in South Africa using the XDS-Eighty20 Online Credit Portal

Market Segmentation Tool

This intelligent tool trawls through the latest AMPS survey to offer a comprehensive overview of a selected customer segment or multiple segments

Xplore Survey Research Services

Our in-house primary research offering includes both qualitative and quantitative capabilities

Data Handling Services

We can help clean, match, deduplicate and merge your company data into a useful format

InsightOut Market Research Reports

Ready-to-use presentations and well researched papers on South African consumers

Query – South African Statistics

Send us a data question and we’ll interrogate our wide range of available databases to find the answers you are looking for