Terain – Understanding Customer Movement

Unlock, monitor and evaluate growth opportunities by understanding human movement, behaviours and profiles with the most in depth geolocation and customer profiling data in South Africa.

Eighty20’s Terain solution, in partnership with Fetch Analytics, provides South Africa’s most in-depth customer geolocation data, shaped by artificial intelligence, and fused with South Africa’s leading customer profiling tool, the ENS. Our unique data rich and AI driven solution provides clients with insights that no other geolocation operator in South Africa can offer.


What is Terain?

Terain is a geospatial platform using near real time app location data combined with our ENS dataset to track anonymised customer profiling and movement behaviour. It has valuable applications in market share analysis, new store selection, ranging, location based marketing and many others. This state-of-the-art technology is possible by:

  • Aggregating anonymized mobile device location data (POPIA compliant)
  • Sourced from over 300 app publishers providing a sufficient sample size
  • Overlayed onto a map of South Africa to provide unprecedented visibility into consumer foot-traffic for any location
  • Combined with the rich demographic and profiling data from the Eighty20 National Segmentation (ENS)
  • Insights available immediately and data updated weekly


Terain provides the following insights:

Demographic profiling
Income & credit profiles
Hourly and daily footfall
Journey mapping & shopping missions
Catchment area
analysis & changes
12-36 months
of historic data


What problems can Terain solve?

Our unique AI driven platform provides the most in-depth, real-time, bespoke data on visitor footfall and profiling, competitor analysis, visitor catchment, dwell time, preferences, engagement, space usage, visit patterns and pedestrian journeys within your real estate catchment area. Our solution can provide point specific, local or regional data on any given area, solving problems for a variety of different users.


1. Occupiers / Retailers

Terain enables occupiers and retailers to manage their site portfolios, understand competitor performance, profile customers, see the impact of marketing campaigns and understand where customers come from and go to around selected retail outlets. Read more…

Store Performance & Benchmarking

Understand changes in visitor profiles, engagement, catchments and visit trends over time, on an individual store, local, regional and national basis.

Competition & Correlation Analysis

Extract detailed data on competing and/or complementary stores, brands, occupier types and locations at a local, regional and national basis.

Site Selection & Management

Identify new, close or rebrand site opportunities with area look-a-like analysis, catchment area views, customer journey and cannibalisation insights, street footfall heatmaps and competitor performance. For existing sites identify problems in near real-time, enabling a more proactive site and franchisee management approach

Marketing & Advertising

Identify and evaluate in near real-time location based marketing and campaign initiatives, improving overall marketing return on investment

2. Real Estate

Terain enables property investors, owners and asset managers to manage their assets, analyse investment risk and potential, and shape development projects. Read more…

Stock Selection and Investment Strategy

Identify and analyse visitor behaviours and profiles to – enhance your understanding of an assets performance using a range of detailed visitor metrics, before you have sight of a tenancy schedule.

Asset Management

Understand the ever changing needs and trends of your visitor base to shape a dynamic asset management strategy that aligns with the continuously evolving patterns of interaction with spaces, occupiers and assets.

Maximise visitor engagement and loyalty by forming a local and regional picture of competing locations and ensuring your asset aligns with the needs of current and future potential visitors and serves a defined purpose to its users.

Leasing Strategy / Occupier Risk

Analyse occupier visitor trends to understand individual unit performance, and identify potential risks relating to future sustainability of occupation.

Identify areas of opportunity by analysing local footfall attractors and increases in demand, as well as top performers in competing locations to shape future leasing strategies.


Support and inform planning applications and developments with detailed current and potential future visitor and resident metrics. Assess the impact and success of projects post-completion. Generate detailed case studies of similar developments to forecast the impact of future developments and initiatives.

3. Financial Services/ Consultancies

Terain provides financial services companies and consultancies with data to improve investment fund performance, provide leading research, develop new products, and make better recommendations to clients. Read more…

Investment Portfolio Optimisation

Asset managers can use footfall and customer profiling data to predict revenue and market shares of counters in their portfolio

Economic Analysis & Equity Research

Investment banks and research houses can use our platform to provide industry leading research insights into both economic trends and specific industry or business performance

Credit products

Use visitor footfall and profiling data to evaluate the credit worthiness of location-based opportunities, such as small business lending

Support consulting projects

Perform robust location based analysis to inform a variety of consulting projects, leveraging the insights to develop propositions and business cases

4. Local Authorities / Town Planning

Terain enables local authorities to quantify the impact of completed projects and provide an evidence base for new initiatives. Read more…

Town Planning

Analyse visitor and pedestrian profiles and behaviours to inform, support and drive town planning and transport strategies.


Support and inform planning applications and developments with detailed current and potential future visitor and resident metrics. Assess the impact and success of projects post-completion. Generate detailed case studies of similar developments to forecast the impact of future developments and initiatives.


Why is Terain the market leader?

Best Data

Eighty20 has the most in depth geolocation movement data in SA, with over 4 million devices tracked from 2019. Our profiling data matched to small areas enables an unparalleled view of customer demographics, income, education, consumption behaviour and many more

Best Coverage

Although low in some poorer and more rural areas, our solution has the best coverage in South Africa.


Our data is fully anonymised. We ensure privacy through certifications, frameworks and privacy checks by external bodies.

Flexible Access

Access data from anywhere through our live instant access platform, data feeds, API links or bespoke reporting.

Cost Effective

We are committed to providing the best value geolocation insights in the market. Pay only for the data you need, delivered in the format you need it.

User Friendly

All our data is delivered in a user-friendly and intuitive way, providing fast insight to critical information whenever it’s needed