Our Consulting Services

We provide clients across all industries with a range of data-driven consulting and advisory services including:

Creating winning loyalty programmes

We specialise in the design, optimisation and ongoing tracking of loyalty programmes and resultant customer behaviour

Personalisation Services

We can help you get the right offer to the right customer at the right time through the right channel

Strategic Market Research Services

Our strategic research consulting enables clients to better understand how and why customers behave the way they do

Customer Segmentation Services

We develop the full spectrum of segmentation models using either internal transactional data or secondary consumer datasets to help clients better understand their market

Financial Modelling Services

Our services for financial and business development departments include financial forecasting, business case development and audits, corporate valuations and more

Business Intelligence Online Tool

Our online business intelligence and reporting tool that combines our online data portal and big data experience

Customer Lifetime Value Management

Our internally developed models can help identify high versus low value clients. We can also track customer value over time to identify trends and to understand which interventions work

Measuring Efficacy of Marketing Campaigns

We are able to estimate the return on investment of marketing initiatives – be it an ad campaign run by your agency or outbound direct marketing campaigns

Customer Centric View and Profiling

We can help build a single customer view across various customer touch points. This view is invaluable to help clients better understand and serve their customers