What is XtracT?

XtracT is Eighty20’s market research tool and online data portal that provides access to a wide range of survey databases in South Africa. If you are already an XtracT subscriber, login below. If you are not a subscriber but want to be, contact us.

Login to XtracT

If you’re just getting started with XtracT, we recommend that you download the Help Guide and the Excel plugin below.
Help Guide
Excel add-in

Who can benefit from using XtracT?

XtracT is a great tool for market researchers, strategists and those who are just curious about consumers. It is for people who like to look under the “data hood”, who like to explore the data and play with it in its purest form.

If you’re looking to conduct your own survey research, take a look at our Xplore Survey Research Services.

How does it work?

The system provides access to over 60 consumer surveys, including AMPS, Roots, Census and FinScope going back over ten years. It also provides access to data on credit and banking. The XtracT system is web-based, with rich functionality to cross-tabulate, filter, chart and download the data as you please. It also integrates seamlessly into Excel.

To learn more about what XtracT has to offer, take a look at the video below.

We’re constantly working on new features for XtracT. To see some of the most recent features added, watch the video below.