April 23rd, 2015

Females constitute only about 2% of seafarers. People from the Philippines make up more than a third of all crews worldwide, with nearly a quarter million at sea. (http://bit.ly/1AVS46C)

This week’s theme: Shipping

In Port

April 22nd, 2015

Over 90% of Africa’s imports and exports are conducted by sea. The busiest port in Africa is the Port of Durban which welcomes about 4 500 vessels per year and in 2013/14 it handled about 44.8 million tonnes of cargo. (http://bit.ly/1HTwRwV)

This week’s theme: Shipping


April 21st, 2015

The number of major oil spills (those greater than 700 tonnes) from tankers, combined carriers and barges has decreased drastically; between 1970 and 1979 there were an average of 24.5 accidental oil spills per year (excluding those resulting from acts of war). Between 2010 and 2014 there was an average of 1.8 major oil spills per year. (http://bit.ly/1O9JKIk)

This week’s theme: Shipping


April 20th, 2015

The Queen Mary 2 docked in Cape Town on Friday 17 April. The ship is 345 m long (76 m longer than the Titanic), it weighs about 150 000 tons and has a maximum horse power of 157 000 (3.4 times greater than the Titanic). The ship can carry a total of 2 620 passengers and 1 253 crew members and its top speed is 30 knots (55 km/h). (http://abt.cm/1Ox70uP)

This week’s theme: Shipping

King of the castle

April 17th, 2015

8.6 million South African’s aged 15 and above (23%) have consumed beer (excluding sorghum beer) in the past 7 days. 26% of them have consumed Castle lager, 24% have had Castle Lite and 2% have had Castle Draught (in a can). (AMPS2014B)

This week’s theme: New in AMPS


April 16th, 2015

89% of South African adults 15+ personally use a cell phone. 39% say they spend more than R110 per month on cell phone expenses. 10% of those that use a cell phone say they personally have more than one sim card. (AMPS2014B)

This week’s theme: New in AMPS


April 15th, 2015

15.7 million South African adults (42% of adults 15+) have accessed the internet in the past 4 weeks. 70% of them access Facebook, 39% download music, 29% use internet banking, 27% access maps/ directions online, 9% use online dating sites and 2% gamble online. (AMPS2014B)

This week’s theme: New in AMPS

Social grants

April 14th, 2015

According to AMPS2014B, 9.55 million adults have a SASSA government grant card (one quarter of adults 15+). 80% of those with a SASSA card are female. (AMPS2014B)

This week’s theme: New in AMPS


April 13th, 2015

Just less than one quarter (24%) of South African adults aged 15 or more play electronic games at least once a month on their cell phone, computer, game console or handheld device. In contrast, 9% say they play board games monthly. (AMPS2014B)

This week’s theme: New in AMPS


April 10th, 2015

18 million South African adults (48% of all adults 15+) have a smartphone. The most common make is Nokia (45% of smartphone users), followed by BlackBerry (26%) and Samsung (20%). The Apple iPhone comes in at only 2% of smartphone users (AMPS2014B)

This week’s theme: AMPS 2014B is out

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